Softleaves D100 Silicone Breast Forms

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Softleaves D100 Silicone Breast Forms

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Regular Price: $160.00

Special Price $44.99

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Softleaves D100 Silicone Breast Forms
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Regular Price: $160.00

Special Price $44.99



Softleaves®  Water-Drop D100

High Quality Silicone Breast Forms

 This offer is for a Softleaves® Water-Drop D100   Silicone Breast Forms  and  Breast Form Covers for it .

Please kindly select from the drop box at the top of this page the breast form size , colour ,Nipple Colour , and the set ( one side only or a pair that is two sides ) . 

 For accessories especially designed for use with these forms ( Skin  adhesive tapes. ,shoulder straps ,Breast form covers..) please kindly visit our Softleaves online shop .

RRP for this item is 190-480 GBP depending on the size  , limited quantity available for the above low price 

 Softleaves WaterDrop D100 Silicone Breast Forms are Very High Quality Full Silicone Breasts

Features & Benefits :


-          Designed as enhancers for women with flat chest (very small or no breasts ). 

-          Water-Drop Shape to match the curves of the chest cage giving perfect fit and comfort; therefore providing the feel and look of having large breasts.

-          Symmetrical , therefore, both breasts can be used on either the left or right side .

-          Undetectable, as they bounce, shape, and feel natural due to the ultra-soft silicone material which is encased in a thin polyurethane layer, providing the same homogenous structure as the natural breast.

-          Designed to be used with almost any bra.

-          Easy placement, durable, water proof and warm up to the body temperature.  

-     Double side adhesive tapes and most attachments can be used with these breasts. 

-     The breast forms  have their own nipple impressions as can be seen in the photos .

-     Two extra breast pads will be provided to be used, if you do not want the breast in direct contact with your skin.  

-     A Cotton Breast Breast Cover  will be provided to be used, if you do not want the breast in direct contact with your skin and want them covered 

-          The breasts come in a very high quality specially designed box to protect them after use( as seen in the photo)


 Breast Size :

Softcare Silicone UK Breast Form Conversion Table

To find the Softleaves  breast form size that is suitable for you ,  please kindly look for  your bra size on the conversion table below. You can find  the corresponding breast form size on the left column of the table.

Example: If your bra size  is 42B you will require a size 8 breast form

The horizontal row  shows the cup size ( bust size) , and the vertical column shows the band size .

Please Kindly  note that  this table should be used as a guide only 

Softleaves D100 Silicone Breast Forms-table1.JPG

Dimensions and weight :

 Please Kindly  note that  this table should be used as a guide only and shows only the sizes that are currently available in stock .


Softleaves D100 Silicone Breast Forms-table2.JPG 


 Note: We have slightly bigger forms from the 3,4,5 and 6 sizes , so if you want a slightly bigger form than the exact size listed on the table , simply select the size from the drop box and send an email or leave a note on paypal that you want the (+) size or (++) from it  :

Size 3(+) : 225 g

Size 4(+) : 275 g

Size 5(+) : 350 g

Size 5 (++) : 400 g

Size 7(+) : 450 g

Size 7(++) :  530 g

( no extra charges for ordering any of the ( +) or (++) sizes ), example : the price for size 3 , is the same as size 3(+)


 The above table is to be used as a guideline only, item can be returned or exchanged with any size for no extra post costs or for a full refund within 30 days and in any condition .(this does not effect your statutory rights)


 What will you receive?


1-       Softleaves® Water Drop D100 Silicone breast form.

 Please select the size and colour and the set ( one piece or a pair ) of the breast forms from the drop box at the top of this page

2-       A pair of fabric breast pads.

3- One Softleaves Double-sided skin adheisve tape to make them slef-adhesive .

4- A 100% cotton breast cover with each breast form .

5-       A specially designed, very high quality, box to protect the breast forms after use as seen in the photos  . 

 Please note that the item will be sent in discreet packaging without even our company name on it to protect our customers privacy .


Instruction for use:


Place the silicone breasts in a suitable bra, then wear the bra, the breasts will mold to your chest curvature.

Use Softeaves double sided adhesive tape ( included in this sale) to attach these breast forms to the skin.( make sure you place sufficient  tapes to cover the breast form to avoid sudden release and damage to the skin and forms- always using a bra to support the forms is recommended).


Use Softleaves Covers with these breast forms (included with this sale ) if you don’t want them in direct contact with the skin.( you can also use the fabric breast pads that are included in this sale) .



 Taking Care of your Silicone Softleaves Triangular D100 Breasts :


-          After use, keep the breasts in their box.

-          Hand wash with warm soapy water

.-          Allow to dry naturally  or use  a hair dryer on a low temperature setting

.-          Keep away from excessive heat.


Please also visit our Softleaves Online shop for a full range of high quality silicone breast care products and accessories specially designed for this item  (double side adhesive tapes , silicone nipple enhancers, silicone bra ,and covers) .

please kindly not that our accessories are specially designed for our Pinkwaves and Softleaves breast enhancers and might not work for other kinds of breast enhancers available on the market, as our accessories and enhancers are made from  very high quality materials and are especially designed to work perfectly when used with each other, for example, our softleaves  double-sided adhesive tape will peal of the silicone breast enhancers without effecting our  enhancers , while if used with other low quality products  , it might damage them.

RRP : 190-480 GBP ( this item is on offer for the above low price for a limited period of time)

 Softleaves®  Water-Drop D100

High Quality Silicone Breast Forms


 Softleaves is a UK registered brand for  Softcare Silicone UK Limited


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